Friday, May 14, 2010

Keeping it simple

Over the past couple of years, Ron and I have been trying to simplify our lives. At first it was due to a couple of health issues but we have learned to realize that a simpler life is more productive and rewarding.

Now that things are 'falling into place', we really are keeping it simple and loving it!

Our passions are gardening and exploring the beaches of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has three thousand kilometers of coastline and there are plenty of beaches we have yet to explore. 

It does help that we have been collecting 'sea glass' for the past few years.....that gives us incentive to keep looking for new locations. Now, what we are going to do with all that sea glass.....I don't know. But we have a few ideas. Of course the favourite colours to find are cobalt blue, red, orange and yellow. The good ole 'stand-by' colours are clear/crystal, green and least they are here.

Here are a few pics taken today at Martinique Beach today which is about 35 km. east from here. It is the longest beach in Nova Scotia (just heard that today on  the radio...didn't know that).

Gardening has been a passion of ours for years. At first, it was at Ron's mother's house in the Valley........then to our place on the Eastern Shore. We had no idea what we were doing at first....only a couple of ideas and lots of books for reference. But eventually we got the hang of it and went full steam ahead till there was no more room on the property for anything else. Well, there's ALWAYS room for one more....I know.

Spring is my favourite time of year. Everything is so fresh. The colours of the emerging tree leaves are very muted and delicate.....with every possible hue of green. We have a few 'quaking Aspens' and when the leaves are fluttering in the breeze, you'd swear they will all fly away.

Fragility is the word I'm looking for. Spring, to me, is like the birth of a, tender and mesmerizing to observe.

We are fortunate that we are both able to decide what kind of life we wish to live. And right now we are enjoying the things we do.

This last pic was taken at the River kind of reminded me of something the U.S. painter/artist, Georgia O'Keefe, would have liked. Have a great weekend .

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