Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hammock With A View

Today was/is such a beautiful day that I feel it only fair that I share more pics of it.

I recommend everybody get a hammock. We got ours a few years back in P'town at this incredible hammock shop on Commercial Street. They had every type imaginable. We picked this one because it could fit two if you don't mind being squished a little.

Nothing is better than to lift the eyes upward and look at what's going on UP THERE. We, or at least I, tend to look down a lot throughout our day. It's amazing the new perspective one gets from looking up into the sky.

I remember that Ron, Mr. Man of mine, first introduced me to trees in this fashion. He got me to lie down on the grass (in daylight!!) next to a couple of huge Elm trees. He said : 'Look up". Well, the rest is history.....to this day I have a 'thing' for trees. If I had my way, I'd have a tree-garden only.

I digress. Get on a hammock sometime this summer and you'll discover a whole new world.

Here are a few pics I took today from the vantage point of our hammock . And I threw in a few of the adorable little 'Species Tulips' that just opened up the past couple of days.

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