Monday, May 17, 2010

Contemplation Monday

The following quote is by Sakyong Mipham in his book, Ruling Your World : Ancient Strategies for Modern Life :

Without attachment to the myth of "me", we are much happier.


  1. isnt a white feather a message from a dead loved one???

    good thoughts....
    the 1922 definition of an allotment garden “an area not exceeding 40 pole used wholly or mainly for the cultivation of vegetable or fruit crops for consumption by the occupier or his family”.

  2. Thanks John. Now I know what an allotment is. As for the feather.....let me see, who could be contacting me?

  3. Good quote!

    White feather, hmm, don't know. Did you take it home?

  4. Sharon, I did not take it home.....that's good right?

  5. There are so many beautiful places on this planet of ours and I just found another one. Enjoyed your pictures!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  6. That first pic is downright stunning!
    Yes, a white feather means someone from the other side has something to say.
    Your posts always make me feel so serene. Well, for awhile anyway until the the hectic times start. And around here, there is always something going on!
    Oh, um, missed seeing a pic of Sophie today! :(

  7. Thanks for sharing. Time is a myth; it's good to be reminded of that.

  8. it isn't a good thing to be given a white feather as it represents cowardice I believe ( in war ) but to find one - then an Angel left it for you.
    Thank you for your messages about Sam. I have been overwhelmed by the support these little comments give.


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