Thursday, September 18, 2014

Standing Tall

I took this photo of Ron yesterday at the beach. 
I was down on the sand with Sophie and there was Ron doing what he likes best.....

Ron has been 'through the mill' this past six months. Of course, he would never tell you so.
Most of you know that he had a heart attack in late February and he had two 
stents put in two arteries to allow the blood to flow through more easily.

Ron isn't the only person to have gone through this procedure and he won't be the last.
However, I think most people don't know and/or realize what the body goes through after
a health event like this.

After getting one's head around the fact that you did have a heart attack,
and you now have heart disease, you discover that you are very weak.
It will take months to get any energy back. And the medications, that 
are supposed to help and assist you, have 'side-effects' that can and do stop 
you in your least till you adapt to them or have them stopped
or changed/reduced.

So, as you can imagine, the recovery and rehabilitation can take time.
It can and is very frustrating to realize that now things are different and will be
for the remainder of your life.

Ron has had some very tough days..... most people do at first.
It has been difficult to watch him go through this.
It has also been enlightening and heart-warming to see Ron knock down one wall after another
these past few that he is now strong enough to be able
to climb those rocks once again and do what he likes best.
He is beginning to stand tall once again.

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