Thursday, September 25, 2014

Looking Down just may be amazed at what is down there!

Boardwalk reflection...

Multi-faceted rock....

Is this rock moving on its own?

Almost looks like an aerial view of a river delta.

This dragonfly's final landing....

This rock has been tumbled around a lot.

The odd couple maybe?

A sprig of seaweed.

Incredible how some plants can grow and live in rocks very close to ocean.


  1. Beautiful…I love pebbles/stones! Coldest night so far last night…down to 5c .

  2. That last shot illustrates the old maxim "Grow where you're planted!"

  3. How often do we overlook these magnificent jewels of the sea, overlooked, expect for those who know better, like you, I LOVE THESE PHOTOS, bravo Jim

  4. Nice batch of rocks, Jim. I like the large conglomerate! Those with 'walking' trails must be close to the tide zone, yes? No?
    Final Landing - aptly named, pretty color.

  5. This was the next best thing to walking on the beach. I can almost feel the sand.

  6. Beautiful, Jim. So many things to be found if we just take a closer look.


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