Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From My Perch

Seems every Monday is turning into a 'rain event'.
Yesterday was no exception.

Arrived at the shop in the fog around 10:30 AM
and the sun and fog played tag most of the day
with the fog winning overall by a mile.

From 'my perch' on the third floor of MacDonald House I have a spectacular view
in all directions.

At one point I could see rain and a very heavy sky to the west toward the city
which is about 40 kms from here.
This system headed our way but veered to the northwest
leaving us with just a sprinkle.

Being Labour Day and all it turned out to be a slow day.

But I didn't care because I had a chance to almost finish a book I am reading......
'Watership Down'.
A great book about the lives of rabbits and so much more......like looking in a mirror
on how we humans live.

By the time Ron and Sophie arrived to pick me up at 5 PM 
it was sunny and warm.

I would be willing to bet that next Monday will be much the same.

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