Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fisherman's Reserve.....A Visit

Last evening we drove down the shore to Seaforth which is about 10 km. from our house.
In Seaforth there is a fishing village that is out on a tiny strip of land jutting out
into the ocean. It is called 'Fisherman's Reserve'.
We headed down and came to a very quaint and typical fishing village.

It was full of small houses and shacks, lobster traps, boats of course and a few cars.

We saw a dog and a cat wondering around but mostly it seemed deserted
because there wasn't a human in sight.

I am pretty certain that this 'village' is only inhabited seasonally.....
that is when it is lobster season on the shore or specific species of fish
are 'running' and fishing them is permitted.......with a license of course.

It seemed like a ghost town of sorts in that it was rough and looked very neglected.

At least most of it did. But that is the point......a fishing village, at least in these parts, is not a
show-piece but a place utilized to do a very difficult

We were there at dusk and this afforded some great light while getting a few photos.

Like in most coastal communities around the world, one can find these rustic little villages
scattered along the shores.

And Nova Scotia is no exception since it is almost completely surrounding by water.
OK class, what do you call a body of land that is almost completely surrounded by water?
Sorry, I just couldn't help myself!! lol It's in me blood!!


  1. Answer #1...Almost an island. but #2, a peninsula might be correct and win me 100% in class exams. . excepting of course New Zealand which is in fact made up of two main islands, North, and South, and then there is the smaller Stewart Island at the very south of South Island. So I live on an island. Your exam test for today, which island do I live on?? and no cheating. . Cheers,Jean.

  2. Great photos, Jim! I love them. So much colour, and so much fun. This is definitely a way I'd love to spend an evening. In fact, I often do! LOL...

  3. HI Y'all!

    Love the color in Nova Scotia. In the states, like on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, most homes are white or weathered. In winter those fishing villages are very forlorn looking places.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Love the wabi sabi photo that you're now also using as your header!

  5. Growing up on the water with lots of almost islands, I will go with Nancy J's answer. Isn't it interesting how old neglected buildings show off so much beauty in photographs. Certainly yours are outstanding, I love the old wood, paint peeling. I also love that boat. Did you put the rock there? With a cat and a dog, I hope some people live there too. To take care of them I mean.

  6. Stunning, Teach! The boat is wonderful with its rich weathered colors and patches of vibrant light. And luminou,s multi-hued water is always lovely in the evening light. As for your question: Florida!!!!! Just kidding. It's a peninsula. There's spit too, but those are usually sandbars, so some might disagree. Have a good one!

  7. gorgeous photos. i would like to live in a small fishing village.

  8. It looks like a really interesting place to poke around in. Love the colorful shots. The sky shot is stunning.

  9. Pretty little place, great subjects to shoot!

  10. Oh Oh I'm lusting again at all those colours! I always do that it seems!!

  11. I love the blue building with the red trim.


  12. What a picturesque village.
    Love that rock and clouds shot.

  13. As always, so beautiful.
    I come from a land of peninsulas. Where we have peninsulas on our peninsulas. We even have peninsulas on our islands.
    But, we are famous for our Upper and Lower Peninsulas. With a beautiful bridge connecting the two. Those that live in the Upper Peninsula are known as Yoopers.
    Those that live in the Lower Peninsula (or below the bridge) are known as Trolls.
    Yes, I am a Troll.


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