Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Variety.....what is it they say about it?.....oh right!
It's the spice of life!
A 'spicy' week it was:

A few of the vintage books at the shop.

Don't see this too often on this final turn to the beach....not from here I bet.

These thread spools are at the shop in Amy's workroom (extraordinaire vintage shop owner).

That's it for the day.

Spooky broken rail down on the boardwalk at night.

Carnival Glass and fabric at the shop.

Rocks, sand, and footprints at sunset.

The 'impressionists' are back at the canal in the Annapolis Valley.

GIANT shadows at the beach before sunset.

Our first time to the canal this summer was last weekend.

I got this limited abstract lithograph at an auction last week.
It is by Johnny Friedlaender who died in Paris in 1992.
It is called 'Chinoiserie Marina'....the original was done in 1955.
Debating if I want to keep this one. What do you think?

Gorgeous evening at the beach.

Done for the day.


Off duty.

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