Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

'I can see you. Can you see me?'

Sitting in 'their' spot on the Hill.

A 100-plus year old beautiful brass bed frame was the 'hot ticket' at the 50 km yard sale last weekend.
A young couple bought it and were very excited.
Ron's mother was born in this bed in 1921.

A great wrought iron garden/patio set I sold at the yard sale last Saturday.
This set was specially made for a movie here in Nova Scotia.

Ominous cloud overhead.

'We are marching off to sea'!

Cormorant on a mission. 

Sun on shed.

Sophie watching her favourite show.



And as the sun sets over the western horizon......


  1. And so to the end of another wonderful day in N.S. near your place. Lovely old bed frame, wonder who will be sleeping there soon? Super series of photos, every one a winner. Cheers,Jean

  2. Just gorgeous pictures, Jim! That brass bed was beautiful. You guys are seriously getting rid of things, if you are parting with the bed Ron's mother was born in. Especially if you had a 50 km. yard sale! LOL! At some point we have to let things go ~ at least that's what Terry tells me about MY stuff. Have a good one!

  3. awesome photos as always-love the one with Sophie-when the deer come up near the bay window-they can see the tv when it is on-and they will stand there and watch for it awhile-wonder they are thinking lol

  4. What a spectacular collection of images, Jim! So much fun. I love Sophie watching TV. How cute is that? And those ominous clouds? Amazing! And the lovely bed frame that Ron's mother was born in. That is pretty remarkable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sophie I always see you, oh guys you must be thrilled these were gorgeous items, hope you made a bundle, and the photos are exquisite, the clouds to dream off, when I was a child I use to go sleep thinking that I was on the softest cloud and warm and comfortable and I would travel across the word and springle love dust to everyone and every animal on was that kind of cloud I wanted to rid what a great post, have a lovely week-end

  6. Love the "clouds" shot. Sophie has a favorite show - what is it?
    It's sad to see special things be sold, but good that they will be used.

  7. gorgeous photos! i love that table and chairs!

  8. Wonderful series of photos, Jim. Sophie's so cute peering out the car window and watching TV.

  9. So glad that beautiful bed went to a good home.
    Lovely photos, Jim.

  10. Oh what a week! That bed and bistro set absolutely take my breath away...

  11. I like how you have an anecdote for each piece.
    I wonder if that bed will still be around in a century, or so...
    What will be the stories then related to it?


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