Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are You A 'Storm Chaser'?

Saturday's Tropical Storm Arthur was the strangest storm I have seen.
Usually storms like this are wet, wild, overcast and furious.

Not Arthur. It hit our area around 10 AM with the wind picking up
and picking up some more for about three hours.

Mid afternoon the sun came out and it looked beautiful outside.
Until you went out....it was still windy but had subsided somewhat.

Then around suppertime, it became overcast and the wind was relentless.
Our lights flickered a few times but stayed on, unlike 200,000 Maritmers
who were not as fortunate.

We had a few branches fall off a couple of trees but we fared well.

The most unusual thing about Arthur, at least for southern Nova Scotia,
was that there was not a drop of rain!

Anyway, it is the start of hurricane season here 
and along the eastern seaboard of North America.
And with this come along the 'storm chasers/watchers'.
We are part of this crowd and this is what we saw from the car
during the storm:

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