Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada's Birthday

(Image taken from the internet)

I really like the country I live in.
Not unlike most people liking the country they live in.
It is far from perfect my country Canada.
However I am perfectly happy living here.

Canada is a very large country.
I believe it is the second largest country in the world.
One would think that because it is so big 
Canada would have the second largest population.
It doesn't.

I think there are around 35 million people here.
Now spread that out from coast to coast to coast
and that leaves a lot of room to move about
without bumping into anybody.

There is so much room to breathe in Canada.
And for that I feel very fortunate that my ancestors chose it.
There are times when you can be the only one around
not having to worry about claiming a spot.

Did I say it wasn't perfect?
Well, what country is?
But we are getting there.

Today Canada celebrates its 147th birthday.

Here is more history/information if you are interested:


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