Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diners Burgers and Cars

Tuesday evening we went for a drive to our favourite diner, The Chickenburger, in Bedford
which is west of us.....about 40 kms.

They also make great hamburgers too, which we got.

To our surprise the entire parking lot and more was filled with antique cars and their owners!
That would make me antique I guess, as I was alive when some of these were on the road!!

After we ate we roamed in and around the cars with camera in hand.
I am partial to the Chevy. When I was between 10 and 13 or so, my Dad sold these.
He always had a brand new one to take home and use until it was sold.

I got to know the year and the model of all the cars he had.
Of all of them at this 'show', I liked this 55 Chevy (below) the best.
All-time favourite is the 57 Chevy!

Here is what I 'focused' on as I wandered around the cars the other evening.


  1. I can see Hugh right there, maybe looking at each one so carefully, and enjoying the polished paintwork, shining chrome, leather upholstery, and yes, maybe a year or so earlier would be his pick. Lovely wheel reflection, you have had a superb day. Cheers,Jean.

  2. Sounds like a long way to go for your meal! We tend to just take a gentle walk across the local river to an old pub ( The Gibraltar..Harpenden if you care to " google" it ), though we do occasionally visit my brother and his partner Mike in Essex for lunch which takes about an hour to drive. Here in Harpenden, we have an annual event entitled " Classics on the Common" and people bring their classic cars from miles around. It is now a huge event and takes place next Wednesday. My husband has had several " classics" in the past, but had to get rid when the kids came along as I wouldn't let them go in without seat belts etc! Our men go down for several hours and us " ladies" have half an hour with the cars and then we all go for a curry.

  3. When we lived in Western Maryland we saw classic car shows every weekend. I've never seen one here in Florida. They seemed to be very popular in Maryland and Pennsylvania and we had neighbors who owned two beautiful old Fords. Your photos are lovely.


  4. American Heavy Metal. They are wonderful photo subject s.

  5. wow love that those golden oldies, wow that' ll bring a lot of memories to a lot of people, personally not knowing that much about car, except my favourite Toyota, I think I would have like to see them without processing, I might recognize a fun, overall fun stuff!!!

  6. We'll have fun, fun, fun til Daddy takes the T-bird away-ay!

  7. whitewalls....they were always my job. i had to scrub them and keep them clean. it always made me angry when someone scraped them when parallel parked. to this day i am an expert parallel parker due to whitewalls.

  8. I was born in Bedford! Bedford in the UK though :D I love old classic cars, I'd love to own one one day!

  9. Classic, classy cars and great artistic edits.

  10. This was a drive down memory lane for me, too!

  11. love that era of cars. Memories for sure....trying not to overshare!!!

  12. Oh how fun!! These photos are totally magnificent!! They would make an awesome collage for your wall--I've the way you edited them!


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