Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diners Burgers and Cars

Tuesday evening we went for a drive to our favourite diner, The Chickenburger, in Bedford
which is west of us.....about 40 kms.

They also make great hamburgers too, which we got.

To our surprise the entire parking lot and more was filled with antique cars and their owners!
That would make me antique I guess, as I was alive when some of these were on the road!!

After we ate we roamed in and around the cars with camera in hand.
I am partial to the Chevy. When I was between 10 and 13 or so, my Dad sold these.
He always had a brand new one to take home and use until it was sold.

I got to know the year and the model of all the cars he had.
Of all of them at this 'show', I liked this 55 Chevy (below) the best.
All-time favourite is the 57 Chevy!

Here is what I 'focused' on as I wandered around the cars the other evening.

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