Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time For A Trim

When we moved here 23 years ago there was a flat lawn in the front yard
 and a flat lawn in the back yard. That was what my parents wanted.
They lived here for 8 years before we bought it from them.
My father had enough of 'country life', thank you very much!

So we started to plant....everything we could get our hands on.

Within a couple of years we had turned over all the grass/lawn and made 'beds' everywhere.

We learned as we went along.....buying gardening books to help us out of jams we got into.

We had an idea what we wanted, in our heads, 
and worked from one end of each yard to the other end.

We planted tons of perennials and had beautiful blossoms for at least a decade.

Then we noticed that all the trees and shrubs were growing as well.

Trees and shrubs, we learned, tend to block out the sun which most perennials need to thrive.

We even grew vegetables for a while there....until they too were shaded out.

Our garden was aging and maturing as we were.
We decided we liked how it was growing and changing almost yearly.
So today we are in the 'maintenance' mode mostly.

Ron is so good at pruning and trimming.

Trying to keep up with the pruning of all the trees and shrubs.
Who would have thought that all those trees and shrubs would grow?!
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