Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A 'close-to-home' kind of week.......

Yesterday morning I unpacked a few items plus two paintings at the shoppe
 (as you can see from the container).
I added those two 'paint-by-numbers', Blue Boy and Pinkie that I did in 1962.....
they lived at my parents house until a few years ago.
They are becoming very popular once least these 'old' ones are.

Peony from behind.

Rocks at the beach.

The delicacy of the colours is truly amazing.

Soaring over mist.

A pink wild rose along the trail.

Another wild rose.....slightly darker in colour.

Sophie and Ron last evening at the Hill.

Sophie is almost back to herself since her surgery a week ago.
Stitches will be removed this coming Wednesday.

The brown spots on this tree was caused by Tropical Storm Arthur last week.
It is caused by the salty winds that whipped through this area at the beach.
It is similar on the new growth of many trees that were exposed directly to the storm's winds.

A para-surfer enjoying the surf.


Our Clivia is in bloom.
We've had this plant for for a while now.......maybe ten years.
We take it indoors in the fall.

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