Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Busy week. Seems to be the norm in the summertime.

The closer I got, the better this seagull looked.

Anyone know to whom this 'home' may belong? I suspect a Muskrat.

One of the old pennants I have at Mid-Century Maniac.

Downtown reflections.

Getting his feet wet.....

The mannequin got my attention....I have no idea what they were selling.

My birthday cake last week on the 4th. It 'was' a triple layered chocolate cake 
smothered in milk chocolate pastry cream and enrobed with dark chocolate ganache. 
Yes, it was delicious!
Check out where Ron got this gem of a cake. The owner, Margaret,
used to attend Ron's fitness classes at St.Mary's University back in the 90's.
Her shop is called 'Bonne Cuisine'. (click on name)

Not enough room for the actual number of candles!! lol

'Anchors away'!! This belonged to Canada's only aircraft carrier back in the 70's.

On the edge.....

A rusted tin roof on a shed down the road in Grand Desert, Nova Scotia.

Amy, who runs the vintage clothing shoppe next to me, wanted a few white pieces
to go with her I obliged.

Had a good time with this crew at my sister Jo-Ann's for a BBQ.

Along the South Shore on way home from my sister's on Sunday.

Peonies from the garden picked before the storm last week.
My favourite blossom in the garden.



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