Thursday, July 31, 2014


When 'Queen Anne's Lace' is blooming, it is a sign that August is almost upon us.

I saw these at the park yesterday with Sophie.

Did you know, that legend has it, that the reddish black spot in the centre
 is a drop of Queen Anne's blood?

Well, as she was stitching away (I guess Queens in the day actually did this)

she pricked her finger with the needle and a drop fell on her lace-work.

What can I say?!

Other than I LOVE this flower and all its intricacies.

Queen Anne's Lace blossom and company, an ant. I had to hold the blossom because of the wind.


  1. Lovely history story, and lovely bloom too. Cheers, Jean. p.s. I'm sure ladies stitched in those days, maybe even well before a sewing machine with a handle ( way before the treadle ones) was made,

  2. It's beautiful Jim, I didn't know this flower or its Regal name, sorry gotta go shopping now maybe something vintage you know Queen-like ;)

  3. When I was a little boy, playing in the fields during late summer days, Queen Anne's Lace was everywhere!

  4. What an interesting legend behind the flower. I've been seeing them everywhere lately. Very pretty flowers.

  5. I love them too, they make me think of a Swedish meadow. And for me, few things are better than that.

  6. I think they're beautiful. Nice photo, Jim.

  7. None in our area, but one of my favorite flowers. When I was a teen, I used to walk along the roadside where it grew, daydreaming of bouquets.


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