Saturday, July 26, 2014

Company's Coming

There will be no 'Saturday Morning Post' today because I ran out of time!!

Getting ready to meet a 'blogger' friend and old school-mate of Ron's today.

Some of you may know her.....Louise from 'Standing Into Danger' (click).

Louise is from Colorado but she has very strong family connections

to Nova Scotia and the Maritimes in general.

Louise's sister, Barb, from Calgary, is also coming as well.

We will spend the day showing them the local sights

and eating!! I have made a seafood chowder

and a 'bumbleberry crisp'..........

and that is just for lunch!!

So needless to say Ron and I have been busy getting ready.

We are very excited about meeting both of these women.

Looking forward to a great day.

Hope yours is equally full with things you enjoy doing.

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