Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hey, It's Someone's Birthday Today!!!

And this 'someone' is none other than my husband, Ronald Douglas Troke!

High School graduate.

Ron was supposed to be a Christmas baby but 'held on for dear life' till after
New Year's!

Mr.President if you please!!

I could never imagine what it would have been like to have a birthday this time of year.

Just when everyone is exhausted and 'gifted out' from Christmas,
energy (and gifts) would have to be found all over again!

That would be Ron!!!

Having known Ron's mother, I know she made it look easy.....
after all this was her baby boy's birthday!!

In Nassau 1974.

So on that very cold night in January 1950, 
there was a new addition to the Troke family
and a brother for Michael.

Taking Regan (our first dog) home from vets.

These many years later,
it is always exciting for me to help celebrate this day!

Christmas at Ron's Mom's with Regan, 1976.

So, without any further ado Ron, I want you to know 
how much I am thankful for your sense of humour
(even though I have no clue what you find funny all the time),
laughter, quick wit, sense of loyalty, courageous spirit,
generosity, fairness, sense of honour, your swimming skills 
(otherwise I would have drown years ago!),
artistic abilities, supportive nature, 
vivid imagination......

Niagara Falls in the '70's (no, not to get married.....)

I think you get the picture and I know I do love to go on!!

Happy Birthday, hon!

Remember, I did say he had a sense of humour!

That was then, this is now....

 Ron is frequently seen nowadays with a camera.

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