Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Crows are incredible  creatures as you probably already know.

The crows here were at Point Pleasant Park the other day and I learned from a dog-walker

that they recognize the people that feed them. As we were speaking

crows were in the nearest tree and looking down at her! She said this happens daily with her

and other `feeders`. I saw a documentary on CBC TV that reinforced this idea of recognition

which crows possess. If you have the time, in fact it is so good I`d

take the time to view it. It is called `A Murder of Crows`.
(Click on the CBC TV link above)

We have crows in our area here outside the city. They are creatures of habit. I have noticed

when we sometimes feed Sophie, our dog, outside in the morning, there is this one crow 

who will perch him or herself atop the same tree every time....I think hoping that Sophie will  

leave a few morsels behind. So far she hasn`t.

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