Friday, January 18, 2013

A Landmark Tower

This tower is a landmark here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It is called the Dingle Tower and can be found in Sir Sanford Fleming Park.

During our walk/hike the other day we circumnavigated the tower.

As you can see it was a 'spring-like' day.....the grass is still green!

Is it really the middle of January here?

I have posted about this Tower before and said that it was a popular

spot one that my father took us kids to on Sundays in the summer.

Back in those days this area was not a part of the city, it was in

Halifax county. It felt like we were going out into the country.

It is still a very popular spot to visit all year round but especially

during the summer months when one could swim at two beaches 

in the area. This Tower is almost completely surrounded by water.

In the summer you can walk to the top and catch a great view
of Halifax, the harbour and the Northwest Arm.

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