Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Below you will see a great recent photo of Halifax city downtown.
Just below centre you will see the new skating oval that is a `hit` and packed every day.

Now if you look to the top tip of the peninsula as the water turns to the right, this is our
favourite park...Point Pleasant Park.

That little strip of water reaching to the right is the Northwest Arm.
To the left is Halifax Harbour, the second deepest harbour in the world!! Honest!
I guess the deepest deepest in the NYC Harbour.

To give you some perspective-direction, if you look straight ahead you are looking to the
south east.

Now look to the left up there (geez I sound like a sergeant). We live down that shore about 30 km.
That`s one long row!!! lol

One last lesson and you all have been very cooperative students today I must say,
Across Halifax city is the city of Dartmouth. My family moved there when I was in
grade 11. It is called the `bedroom city` of Halifax.

One more....the entire area of Halifax, Dartmouth, suburbs and beyond is now called
the Halifax Regional Municipality or HRM for short.

Any questions?

Photo taken from the internet.

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