Friday, January 25, 2013

A Very Short Walk In The Cold

Two days ago we thought we'd take Sophie to Fort Needham.

Since it is in the north end of the city and we just happened to be there anyway, we parked

the car and headed up the hill. We knew it was going to be windy and cold but we headed up

nonetheless. And let me tell you, IT WAS COLD!!! I can usually withstand the cold

but this was bitter. I was fine from the waist up, not so from waist to toes!! 

And I had on long-johns too. Luckily Sophie met another dog

and they entertained themselves running in circles after each other.

It didn't last for long however and we very quickly headed 

back down the hill to the car. Time for pizza!!
Heard later on the radio that is was a balmy -22C with windchill.

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