Wednesday, September 3, 2014

That Time Of Year Here In Nova Scotia

In late August, in this area of the world at least, the blackberries are ready to 'harvest'!
They are everywhere at the park in Halifax and Sophie and I had a feast over the weekend.
Yes, she LOVES them too! And will 'pick' them herself without any signs of thorn damage!

The ones below in the photo were at the canal in the Valley on Saturday.
They are my favourite berry. I remember eating them like there was 'no tomorrow'
while biking the Oregon coast back in the 80's.
I have liked them ever since.

What is your favourite berry?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From My Perch

Seems every Monday is turning into a 'rain event'.
Yesterday was no exception.

Arrived at the shop in the fog around 10:30 AM
and the sun and fog played tag most of the day
with the fog winning overall by a mile.

From 'my perch' on the third floor of MacDonald House I have a spectacular view
in all directions.

At one point I could see rain and a very heavy sky to the west toward the city
which is about 40 kms from here.
This system headed our way but veered to the northwest
leaving us with just a sprinkle.

Being Labour Day and all it turned out to be a slow day.

But I didn't care because I had a chance to almost finish a book I am reading......
'Watership Down'.
A great book about the lives of rabbits and so much looking in a mirror
on how we humans live.

By the time Ron and Sophie arrived to pick me up at 5 PM 
it was sunny and warm.

I would be willing to bet that next Monday will be much the same.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Contemplative Monday

The following quote has been taken from 'Heart Advice, Weekly Quotes from Pema Chodron'.


"We're encouraged to meditate every day, even for a short time,
in order to cultivate steadfastness with ourselves.

We sit under all kinds of circumstances----whether we are feeling healthy or sick,
whether we're in a good mood or depressed, whether we feel our meditation
is going well or is completely falling apart.

As we continue to sit we see that mediation isn't about getting it right
or attaining some ideal state.

It's about being able to stay present with ourselves.

It becomes increasingly clear that we won't be free of our destructive patterns

unless we develop a compassionate understanding of what they are."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

Do I ever remember this tune from 1962!
Wish I knew then what I know now!
Hey, maybe not, considering that it was 1962.
Still had lots of fun.

Have a wonderful Sunday all!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

I guess we really do spend a lot of time around the ocean.......

........with the exception of this photo of a Queen Anne Highboy Dresser
we are trying to sell. Had this for 30 years and time to say goodbye.
Switching to lighter, sleeker wood furniture and less ornate.
Anyone need a dresser?

Will she decide?

Parasurfer ripping through the water.

Added this cute little kitty (an Imari Reproduction) to the shop yesterday.

Leading the way to.....?

This guy made it all look so easy last evening at 'the point' in Lawrencetown.

All downhill from here!

Again, last evening at 'the point'.

I loved the sky on this particular morning.

Sophie and her buddies.

I really like how well my Carnival Glass fits in with Amy's (from Fancy Lucky Vintage) display.

From 'my perch' at the shop looking towards the beach.

Look hand!!

One would think, from here, that the fisherman is an oil painting...right?
Well it isn't. It is a needlepoint work I got recently and put in the shop.

I think I know those two!

Beach art.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting One's Bearings

The other evening Ron, Sophie and I went to Horseshoe Island Park
which is on the western side of peninsular Halifax.

This Park is on the shores of the Northwest Arm
which is a body of ocean water that creates a bay-like inlet.

The tower on the right is called the 'Dingle Tower' which is accessible
and has great views of the city and surrounding areas.

The wooded area in the centre-left is Point Pleasant Park
which is our favourite 'dog park'. It is at the southern most
point on peninsular Halifax.

So you see, students, lol, part of Halifax, the peninsular part,
is almost completely surrounded by water........
with the Northwest Arm on one side
and Halifax Harbour on the other side.,
and the best dog park situated exactly between these two bodies of water.

Your 'test' will be in two hard!!

Rowers from a nearby rowing club on the 'Arm' at dusk.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Easily Amused

Usually when we are at the beach, like yesterday morning,
I am looking far out into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

And occasionally I look down at the interaction between the sand and the water
and am always delighted at what I see:

 I am easily amused.

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