Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Are We There Yet?......

.......well, compared to when when I was in my twenties back in the 1970's,
I'd say we are.

Ron and I were at the beach yesterday and walked the shoreline
as there was just enough sand to be able to do so.

We walked to the end and started to head back
when we noticed another couple walking towards us.
This was not at all unusual as it was a beautiful almost springlike day.

As we passed each other, I noticed that it was two guys walking hand-in-hand
and not a male and female as my trained brain automatically assumed.

I would have acknowledged them with a nod of the head,
but they seemed pretty focused and content in moving along.

I thought how fortunate for them to be able to walk together
like other couples do on a spring day.....or any day for that matter.

So, are we there yet? will take a few more years for it all to 'sink in'
and become accepted by our culture.
And, when nobody (even other gay people) will even notice
that two men or two women are showing publicly that they care about each other,
that will be when we humans have arrived.

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