Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

From 'farmer's fertilizer' to a judicial seal.....

It snowed a little bit on St. Patrick's Day and Sophie had to go exploring in the garden.

I came across this photo from 1975.
It is of Ron and a colleague at the time, Paulette.
I had my class at a provincial camp in the Valley
and they gave me a hand one day.

It is not at all unusual for it to snow in March in Nova Scotia.....
but it never lasts/stays around. We call it 'farmer's fertilizer'.
This photo was taken at the park and the flash of red was too much to resist.

As long as the temperature is bearable,
Sophie could sit on the side deck for ever.

You can see the top of MacDonald House 
as seen from the beach the other day.


Must be one of Ron's favourite poses!
Or he needs a BIG HUG!!

Steps from Halifax Harbour....

A very judicial seal, wouldn't you say!


  1. Replies
    1. There are two seals at this spot in the park made from the remaining trunks of two trees that were felled by Hurricane Juan back in 2003.
      Couldn't resist this one with the wig!!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! She tried for order, Debra, but folks were just walking on by!!

  3. Magical photos! I love grabbing those shots with the one splash of color. Poor Ron. It must be rough being that good-looking all your life.

    1. Thanks Mitch.
      Oh the work and the burden you would not believe....yes poor Ron!! lol Especially when his DNA is doing all the work!!

  4. What a great set, Jim! 'farmer's fertilizer' I like that. Never thought of it that way! And did you finally hug Ron? My guess is that's what he wanted :)

    1. Thanks Martha.
      Oh yes, Ron got his hug! always looking for hugs, that boy!

  5. Fun Saturday photos, Jim. That 70's pic made me smile. I hope nobody finds one and posts it of me - I think I had long hair and short skirts. We got lots of "fertilizer" this week - we needed it. Love the pop of red and Sophie's paw prints in the snow.

    1. Hi Barb. Oh the 70's! What a fun time to live through.
      Yes, I saw that you got lots of the white stuff in the mountains. enjoy.
      We are getting another 'winter hit' typical for MArch around here.


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