Tuesday, March 22, 2016


For the past few months we have been visiting a restaurant
in the city usually on Saturdays, it's called Heartwood.
They have a really good brunch that we like.
The owner is also an artist who works with iron/metals.

So this past weekend we brought in our cameras
 to try and capture some of his work.
Here is Ron pretending to look at menu.......
don't know why because he always orders his favourite,
tofu scrammble.

I usually order their bean burrito
 that is jam-packed with scrammbled eggs, cheese and other goodies.
But this time I ordered their black bean burger because
it is burger week in Halifax and it sounded really good,
which it was.

So as I am yaking away you may have noticed the iron/metal sculptures
that were in close proximity to our table.
The one directly above is a long arm reaching down
and I thought that since it looked like it was reaching for the tulips
it provided a dramatic contrast in texture.

And the one that was above Ron's head at our table,
was very well done .
I like the spine, don't you? It is made from a bicycle chain.

This piece was across the room near the bar....
in fact on the bar.

There were a number of these all around the restaurant
that were less three dimensional.

And since I did ask the owner/artist if I could take a few shots,
I will leave information about his FB page and website.



  1. That fellow's spine seems to be down his frontage! Interesting sculptures. I like the little guy on the bar.
    ps. Tofu scramble sounds odd. Does it have eggs as well as tofu?

    1. No, it's just tofu. Actually that fellow's spine is going down his back, I believe, Frances.

  2. Replies
    1. I really is, Debra. In the right spot, I could live with one of his pieces.

  3. Great art work. I did notice that in that first shot, however, Ron has his head up 'his' butt.

    1. And as if nothing was going on at all!! lol
      Such an actor, that Ron!!

  4. Wow! He is very talented. What a wonderful restaurant to visit. I am glad you have so many fun adventures every week!

    1. That he is, Becky! Can't imagine using this medium to work with.
      We try to keep as active and adventurous as we can.....use it, or lose it!!
      Good to see you.

  5. Well, his thighs seem to be pointing the wrong way!!

    1. 'Those' aren't his thighs, Frances, they are his buttocks.

  6. Wow, that art is quite exceptional. And I laughed with the comment about Ron looking at the menu. I do that all the time even though I always order the same thing!

    1. I thought so too, Martha. I bet it's not the easiest material with which to work.
      I guess 'great minds think alike' when it comes to ordering food!! lol

  7. That kind of art is not my cup of tea but it is definitely an ice breaker! Lots to talk about! This reataurant sounds like a good place to visit! Yum

    1. I hear you Vonlipi. It does come off a being 'cold' at first. Each piece if soldered/welded to each other.
      This restaurant, Heartwood, is a vegetarian one and is quite good.


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