Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

All-over-the-map type of week.....

Our resident pheasant stealthily slipping past living room window....

 Three ships lined up to enter Halifax Harbour....

Sophie very pleased to be back at the beach....

Lost and found at the park....

This ladies rocker is made here in Nova Scotia
about 150 km from here.
I picked this one up for the shop recently.

It was made by the Dominion Chair Co. in Bass River, N.S.
We like their work and our kitchen chairs 
were made here back in the 80's.

Oh the enthusiasm!! Never lacking from this fella!
I am thankful.

'Now where did Ron go?'

Still looking for him.......he went back to the car 
and Sophie just couldn't understand.

From my perch at the shop last Sunday.....

MacDonald House (location of my shop) in upper right taken from beach....

I look after three shops on Sunday when I work.
This was taken in Fancy Lucky Vintage.....
I liked the colour combinations here.....
silk and real leopard fur jacket from the early 50's.


  1. What a cheery wave hello from that tree!

    1. I know! Wonder if the owner ever found it?

  2. Wonderful shots, Jim! Ron is so photogenic. And always so cheerful! That "Lost and found at the park" photo really got my attention. There's something about it's got a story to tell.

    1. Oh those photogenic people! For some reason I get all contorted and out of shape when I know someone is taking my picture!! His enthusiasm was what attracted me from the gitgo, Martha.
      I can only imagine the story that child's mitt has to tell....who made it? Was it a grandparent's gift? Was it their favourite mitten?

  3. The look on the pheasant's face is priceless. You snowy shots remind me that spring is not here (or there) quite yet!

    1. They are such rigid/strange little critters, Barb......always ready to spring away. Imagine living like that all the time!!
      This is a very typical March for us......spring doing its best to push winter aside but winter having nothing to do with this foolishness.....
      enjoying it while it lasts.

  4. You have so many reasons to be thankful and anyone who's had the great good fortune to connect with you has good reason, as well.

    1. That I do, Mitch. And thanks for the nudge/reminder.
      Thank you kind sir.


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