Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Dogwood

We planted a  'Kousa Dogwood'(click name) or Chinese Dogwood almost 10 years ago in the back garden.

Being in Nova Scotia and the ocean being not too far away, 
we were uncertain if this tree would survive.

It was slow to start. And about five years ago a few (and I mean about 3) blossoms appeared.

We were beyond excited about this!

Each subsequent year the blossoms have tripled and quad-tripled.

Last year we realized that this tree was going to stick around for a while,

and we realized that it was pretty hemmed in near a bigger Small-Leafed Linden tree.

There was only one thing that had to be done to give the Kousa more room to grow.......

cut down the Linden ! I really don't like cutting down anything that I planted from a twig

but that is what we did to allow the other to flourish.

In early June we saw that there were going to be a lot more blossoms 
coming than we had last year.

So the Kousa was responding very well to having more room to stretch and spread itself.

We have been amazed at how many bracts, the white parts,

there are all over the tree from top to bottom.

I've estimated at least 1500 bracts......

You non-gardeners out there are probably a tad worried about
me at how excited I can become over a few blossoms!!

Be assured that this is how all us gardeners behave
when our labours pay off and we have this glorious
display to enjoy for a couple of weeks in the summer.

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