Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Looking At Both Sides.....Now

Just as these Clematis blossoms have two sides, which I love to explore with camera in hand,

so do most 'issues' that arise whether they be political, family,
religious or whatever.

I usually look at both sides of a 'story' to gather some facts from
both parties involved. 

Unless, that is, I have already made my decision and have thrown my support to one side.
Sometimes one can pretty well predict what the outcomes and arguments are.

And I understand this works both ways as well. The important thing is to get your facts right,
and take your side and defend it.

Sometimes one can be totally wrong in one's expectations.......take these Clematis blossoms
for example. I wasn't expecting them to 'pop' as they did since it was an overcast day here.

Goes to show you that sometimes the end result can be better than expected.

The most logical ending to this post would be to listen to'Joni' on this matter:

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