Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Busy week that was:

Above is a short video of Sophie playing
with Mr.Orangie in a stream at the park.

 Just after the rain....pine and chimes.

Our Dogwood is so full of these blossoms this year......must have been the rain. 

Back deck under the Dogwood and Bloodgood Japanese Maple. 

One of the bridges that spans Halifax Harbour......on a gray day.

The Nova Scotia Royal International Tattoo was in full swing this week.

 Being a port, no problem finding flags in Halifax.

A movie about Lizzie Borden  (click her name) is being filmed here in Halifax. 

On Canada Day (July 1st) everyone  was heading to the festivities. 

Oh Canada! 

I can never ignore these white Rugosa Rosas.

 Liked the colours here at a stream at the park.

Speaking of colour..... 

Standing back some..... 

A 'kite-surfer' off MacDonald Hill where the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

 Ron attempting to get Sophie's attention on MacDonald Hill.

Wild iris ('flags', we call them) on the Hill. 

Looking out into the Atlantic......

Erosion at MacDonald Hill.....every year a huge amount breaks off.

 Mutant white Buttercup? What's going on here, he asked? There were a lot more in this area.

Sophie has got to be the most photographed dog on the planet!

The top of MacDonald House.....

Extremely dangerous to swim in this area near MacDonald Hill.

My birthday cake on the 4th......chocolate mousse. Yes, it was good!

On the 4th we took 'our company' to the beach. 

Look who came with our company on the 4th!! Two 12 week old Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriors!
Yes they were as adorable as they look!
Bumble Bee and Hendrix.

On Friday we headed to the Bay of Fundy shore, about 150 km from here, to Halls Harbour.

 When the tide is out, any boat in the harbour is 'grounded' till the tide comes back in.
The Bay of Fundy is noted for its tides and the Province is attempting to harness
this energy for clean electrical power.

We were hoping for some 'cool' relief on the shore but to no avail....breezy and very  warm.
Ron and Sophie in bottom right.

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