Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Water everywhere this week.......

'The ducks are on the pond, boys." My high school vice-principal said this all the time!!

Female Mallard duck.

These ducks were at Sullivan's Pond this week in Dartmouth.

Sophie would have been in the pond if she could!

Coming around the bend at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

An adorable Burmese-St.Bernard mix watching Sophie. His name is Ason (as in Jason).
He didn't leave the water.

A good breeze had this sailboat whipping by!! 

My sister, Mim, and her dog Maggie.

Being a make-up artist Mim HAD to show us a new line.

Thought this video was appropriate and going out to Mim!

Not sure what Ron was doing here....I think 'talking' to Maggie.

Michael (Mim's partner) and Sophie.

Along the boardwalk at Lake Banook.

An old church turned 'meeting hall' at sunset this week.

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