Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pride In The Whole Community

Last Saturday we went to the Pride Parade in Halifax.

It's all about everybody being proud of whom they are,
also the freedom to express this publicly.....

There was a real sense of community and not just from the gay one
but from the whole community.

 Here are a few photos of what I saw:

Sophie and Ron in front with Mim and Michael in back.

Members of the local detachment of the RCMP.

On a mission!


This little girl was next to us and was SO excited 
to get her picture taken with these two 'ladies'.

Ron was very busy!

This Greyhound came right over to see Sophie
 and looked as if she wished she could join her!

Hockey team members from local university.

Nurses from the IWK Children's Hospital giving support.

A not-so-happy looking Doodle!

It takes all kinds!

Sophie was really well-behaved....but tired at the end of it.

The Premier of Nova Scotia Darrell Dexter (in plaid shirt).

Another very tired looking Doodle.

And that would be it!

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