Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Afternoon With Mim

Yesterday morning my sister Mary Elizabeth, Mim, called and 
invited us out to her (and Michael's) new place in the
west end of Halifax.

We arrived around 1 P.M. and as soon as these two 'cappys',
Capricorns, got together there was no looking back!
They do their 'cappy thing' and start speaking 
a different language!! lol

So after a plateful of sandwiches, beer and almond macaroons 

we were heading out for a  jaunt to a lake which was about a 20 minute walk through 
a suburban green space, and through neighbourhoods that were 'new' to us.

The dogs (Sophie and Maggie) were raring to go, as were we.
It has been very hot and humid here the past few days
and some time at a lake sounded good and a chance to cool off.

So as we descended down a final flight of stairs 

we arrived at Chocolate Lake.....years ago I hear there was a chocolate factory 
alongside this lake.
There was no hesitation on Sophie and Maggie's part about jumping in
and racing for Mr. Orangie!!

While on the banks of the lake Ron caught the breezes blowing across the water.

Mim kept the dogs entertained.

Always good to spend time with Mim. She has a positive outlook
that is refreshing and realistic at the same time.
Her light spirit makes for great company and put another
Capricorn in the mix (Ron)......

Meanwhile back in the water it was an outright battle 
to get to each other's ball first!! Just like kids.

After an hour or so we headed back......dogs refreshed and tired,
and we enjoying the shade along the way.

Back at the house.....Mim being a make-up artist, she had to show us her latest 'line'
and we being, well, gay I guess, were more than interested in seeing it.

Mim loves her work and is presently exploring new facets of this business.

It was a fun few hours to spend with my sister.

We agreed to meet again in a couple of weeks at the Halifax Pride Parade.

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