Thursday, July 11, 2013

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....'

There is a story behind this 'lone rose' I found in the front garden yesterday,
growing amongst the Periwinkle ground-cover.

About 15 years ago a friend of my mother's, Mary Redmond, called me and said I could help
myself to her roses in her backyard. She and her husband were about to move.
I arrived in a couple of days and saw these huge rose bushes that had overgrown 
and almost filled her backyard.

This was going to be chore but one I was up for because I loved the roses Mary would bring
to my parent's house....the scent of which would fill their living room.
So I began digging....and digging! I began to realize that these plants were there for a while
and had 'taken hold' and were not going to go easily!

Long story short....I managed to get a few pieces with enough root on them to be able
to take home and plant in a few areas.
And in a few years they began to grow....and spread....popping up everywhere.
I really loved them for their scent and tight form....they are beauties.
But it became apparent that they were becoming invasive.

What we had named our 'Mary Redmond' rose had become a problem,
so about 10 years ago we hauled them out as best we could.
But obviously not well enough!

But you know what? It was so great to see 'Mary Redmond' again....
brought back a few good memories that I had forgotten.
Thanks Mary.

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