Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Birthday

I try not to make a big deal of my birthday
but this one is a milestone.....


So I guess in order to start to believe that I have reached this age,
the more I say it and write it,
the more I will believe it!

I remember Ron's mother saying when she turned 65
that she didn't feel any different than she did
when she was 21.

Until she looked in the mirror and realized
that she didn't look the same.

I basically feel the same way
and know that I don't look the same.
How could I?
why would I want to?

I am very content in being where I am
and I find the aging process,
which can be a pain in the butt sometimes,
to be one full of pleasant surprises
like beginning to accept the things that
you have no control over.

So, on this my birthday
I wish you all the best of days today.

And yes, those fireworks you may hear
if you live south of the border
are not part of my birthday

Purely a coincidence!! lol

 Cormorant in flight.


  1. It's not always easy to accept the aging process but it sounds like you have it licked (to use a Sophie term)! Happy Birthday.

  2. Greetings, Felicitations, all Good Wishes and so much more on this wonderful day. Down here.... 65 is indeed a celebration, if you reach that age, a government payment of National Super comes your way each fortnight. Hope they do something equally as good for you. Many hugs, Jean.

  3. Wishing you a very happy 65th birthday. I hope your day has many special moments.

  4. You're 65? FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY!!!! Congrats!

  5. Hey Jim- congrats on 65th birthday- and it is a big deal!
    add 5 and you've caught up to me.. but my inner-child still refuses to grow up ~:)
    be well n happy.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYJIM!!! I had my 65th in March and am still celebrating. Lots of fireworks today in your honor in the US! Hope you have an awesome year, and a great birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jim! Age is just a number, in my head I am somewhere between 23 and 26. Too bad my body is not of the same mind. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing your cake! (I suppose Sophie is too)

  8. Happy birthday, Jim! It's a wonderful milestone, no matter what age, when you are healthy and happy and enjoying each day. Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead, which I know you'll have with Sophie and Ron around!

  9. Hey Birthday Boy! Congrats to reaching 65 in fine style! You're worth every firework that goes off here in the USA!!!!! I hope you and the "Trinity" have a happy, healthy, and fun filled year ahead! I'll let Ronnie (Tee Hee) fill you in on why I have been unexpectedly AWOL. Have a spectacular birthday!

  10. our entire country will be celebrating your birthday today with fireworks!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday handsome -- 65 is very sexy--!!!! Have a wonderful wonderful day with your love and Sophie girl---

  12. Happy, happy birthday, my dear, sweet friend!!!

  13. What lovely thoughts about ageing - you're doing it gracefully!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  14. Happy Birthday Jim, getting older is an adjustment at times but I have learned it's part of life

  15. Happy Birthday Jim. You shure don´t look like 65. Maaaany years to come, I hope. My Dad always said "I feel today the same, just as I feld yesterday."

    So: CHEEEERS to you, Ron and Sophie

  16. Alright, so we'll not make a big deal about this then...
    Happy birthday!! [in a hushed tone...]
    As the decades go by,
    they are indeed a revelation each time.
    If my 40s proved somewhat difficult for so many reasons,
    I welcomed my 50s and while it's not paradise,
    I'm OK with it!!
    Looking forward to what's ahead...
    65, eh?!?
    Oh, what the the heck!!
    In a very deep voice, loud enough to hear me from Montreal to Dartmouth:
    H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-D-A-Y-!-!-!

  17. Happy Birthday, Jim!
    I hope that you have had a spectacular day with Ron, Sophie, and whomever! You deserve every firework that goes off in the USA today, my friend! May you and the rest of the "Trinity" have a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and fun-filled year together!

    This is my second attempt to post a comment on your blog. I actually saw it published on your blog right after Martha's, and it has disappeared! Ronnie (Tee Hee!) can tell you why I've been AWOL the past few days. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Happy Birthday, Jim! Enjoy your day!! Have a slice of cake for me, please...

  19. Happy Birthday, Jim! Hope yu three have fun!

  20. Hey everyone!!! Thanks so much for the greetings! So good to know you guys here.
    I had a great day with friends from New Brunswick and their two kids....16 and 21. wennt to beach with Sophie and their two puppies aged 12 weeks! had a ball and the temperature was 33C and the water was actually bearable!!

  21. Happy Birthday Jim! I agree, it is a priviledge to grow older...I've got a big '0' coming up in a few weeks and I am shocked and excited. Hope you had a great celebration today.

  22. Happy belated birthday Jim. Getting older sure beats the alternative!

  23. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, Jim!

  24. Happy Birthday a day late! I've been off-line. So Happy Birthday and a day!


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