Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Birthday

I try not to make a big deal of my birthday
but this one is a milestone.....


So I guess in order to start to believe that I have reached this age,
the more I say it and write it,
the more I will believe it!

I remember Ron's mother saying when she turned 65
that she didn't feel any different than she did
when she was 21.

Until she looked in the mirror and realized
that she didn't look the same.

I basically feel the same way
and know that I don't look the same.
How could I?
why would I want to?

I am very content in being where I am
and I find the aging process,
which can be a pain in the butt sometimes,
to be one full of pleasant surprises
like beginning to accept the things that
you have no control over.

So, on this my birthday
I wish you all the best of days today.

And yes, those fireworks you may hear
if you live south of the border
are not part of my birthday

Purely a coincidence!! lol

 Cormorant in flight.

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