Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The City Of Lakes

When I was 16 years old my family moved from Halifax,
  across the harbour to the city of Dartmouth. (click)

It was mostly a good move for my family in a number of ways.
And one of those ways was the fact that Dartmouth was also known a s The City of Lakes.

This proved very beneficial to the four younger children in the family
 as they took advantage of the recreational sports offered at the 'canoe/kayak clubs'.

So as we drove through Dartmouth on Sunday evening on our way home, 
we stopped near one of these lakes....Banook.

Actually the fountain and ducks above are in Sullivan's Pond 
which is adjacent to Lake Banook.

World class competitions are held at this lake and there are a number of 'clubs' which
compete for memberships.

My four younger siblings were all competitive paddlers at the above club.

The city of Dartmouth is often overlooked by it's bigger sister city of Halifax.
Both have characteristics unique to itself and since I was brought up
for the most part in Halifax, I identify as being Haligonian.
Whereas my sibs are Dartmouthians.

Funny how a harbour can create two distinct communities.

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