Thursday, July 18, 2013

Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

For the past week or so I have been 'experimenting' with my camera.
My Nikon D90 has a setting called 'Raw'.

I am just learning about it and have discovered that the 
end results, the photos taken, are pretty close to what 
one sees when taking the photos.

Most people with cameras like this set them on what is called
JPEG......which allows the camera to slightly change
the image to make it 'fuller' with colour saturation,
and I am sure much more.

I am finding, especially with these images of the trunk
of a pine tree, that the results appear sharper and cleaner
and the colours seem thinner, not as saturated.

I have also learned that most professional photographers
use 'raw' initially and then edit afterwards as needed, if at all.

So far I like the results I am getting in that if I feel they need
any editing to enhance or exaggerate what I am looking for,
I will do so. If not they stay as they are like these ones.

So much to learn!

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