Friday, April 12, 2013

Very Therapeutic

I went to visit my father yesterday afternoon in the building behind this graveyard.
I know, I 'went there' in my head too!

Dad has been in this veterans hospital for six months now.
 And as per usual when I arrive at his room he is not there.

I walked down the hall and found him in the cafeteria with a few other guys
being serenaded by Emma, the music therapist.

 Dad was busily going through the sheet of songs that she would sing at their request.

The half dozen or so men were listening intently to every word of each song 
and one fellow was singing along. I have never heard my father sing 
but he could and does play the piano.

I remember him telling us as kids that he wouldn't sing 
because an aunt of his made fun of him singing as a child.
And he to this day will not sing. He would and could whistle though!!

I am learning at each visit that Dad likes to get involved 
and is still able to participate verbally and communicates well 
with staff as some of his 'room-mates' can not/will not.

And since he is a 'willing participant' he is often the only one
speaking up and talking with staff at these and other sessions.

Of course most of the songs he requested were very familiar to
me because those were the ones I grew up with 
him playing on the piano at home.

This was another insightful and relaxing time spent with Dad.
Each visit I realize that he is happy and quite content where he is.

He is well-looked after and liked by staff. 
What more could one wish for their parents.

I recorded this video (with Emma's permission)
and it is of a couple of songs....the first I
requested and the other one Dad requested.
There is a dialogue in between songs of
Emma, Dad and myself. 

And by the way Emma
is doing her internship here and recently found
out she got a permanent job at another senior's

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