Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Diggin' It

It is so good to be out in the garden again. Feels like a long time since last October.

Lots of winter clean-up to be done....from twig and branch pick up to pruning.

And even tree removal! Ron has been working on 'downing' 
a large deciduous tree that died a couple of years ago.
And he succeeded today in doing so.

Too big and heavy to cut up, so it will be used as a 'nursing log'
 and break down naturally.

Where we live we usually have till about mid-May 
before the very aggressive 'black flies' /May flies arrive.
So we try to get the most arduous tasks done
from now till then.

Last year we were lucky as there weren't any 'black flies'  (click) to worry about.
Seems that the very mild days in December enabled the larvae 
to hatch and then with winter temps......
they didn't have a chance to reproduce.

Rusty old Asian lantern

Maybe it will be the same this year......

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