Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This past week in photos:

Bird house in garden waiting for spring 'check-in'.

Garden shed...

Ron 'on location' in the beach dune/grass.

An evening with Mary at 'Country Critter Sitters' (Sophie's day care)

Coco, the resident 'grouch'! But he is the cutest little guy with a mind of his own.

Ron being mobbed by Owen, Toledo, and Henry.

An Amaryllis in full bloom at Mary's. (inside of course)

'Playing' with the Orchid at Mary's.

Spectacular Orchid watched us! lol

Sophie, Owen (Mary's English Setter puppy) and Ron at sunset.

Looking further along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia at Mary's.

Sunset in part of Mary's garden.

Golden shrubs at sunset....

Waxing Gibbous Moon, 60% of  full on Wednesday evening.

Facing south-easterly at sunset.

Reflection from the outside.....

Orchid from the back (outside).

A very good game of Scrabble......won by Mary! 
Either she or Ron usually wins. One of these days.....

Listened to this CD while playing Scrabble, really entertaining!
OK all you cat lovers, a 'must' if you haven't already!

Sophie and I joined sister Mim and Maggie at Fleming Park in Halifax on Thursday.

Mim and her dog Maggie at the shore of the Northwest Arm.

A child's boot on the beach....

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