Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eclectic Tastes

A Nova Scotian/Canadian singing legend passed away this week.

 Rita MacNeil (click) worked against the odds and became one of this
country's most popular folk and country singer/songwriters.

Ron and I saw her before the fame back in the late 1970's
singing in a bar in Halifax. A couple of years ago
we had 'tea' at her Tea House in Cape Breton.
She was greeting everybody from 'her' table in the cafe.
We were impressed with her
mild and gentle that she carried with her
for the remaining of her life.

She will be missed by many.
Enjoy and have a great Sunday.

CBC TV did something this week on her career:


  1. Hi Jim! I have two big white blank squares where you put Rita's music and the CBC TV link. I'm not sure what's going on. I was very sad when I heard that Rita MacNeil had died. Her music was truly special. I hope that you are enjoying a peaceful and happy Sunday!

    1. You should be able to view the first one Louise,and the second one is done by CBC and there are international 'things' that may be preventing you from seeing this one.
      Ron just had an idea....if you want to see them I will 'share' them on my FB page. Let's see if that works. Who knows?
      Hope your Sunday is going well.

    2. Hey Jim! When I came back to read the comments, the white squares were gone and both videos were available!
      Computers and the internet are perplexing! I really enjoyed the CBC clip. I hadn't thought of Tommy Hunter in ages! Thanks!

  2. Yes, she will be missed. It is very sad that she passed away so soon; she was too young. May she rest in peace. Have a good Sunday, Jim.

    1. I fell the same way Martha. I guess there were complications from surgery.

      Yes, we will miss her. It's like a piece is missing now.

  3. You've been to the Big Pond Tea House? You lucky ducks! And thanks for that CBC "National" clip -- I hadn't seen it, although I did watch the rebroadcast of George Strombo's interview with her.

    I only saw Rita MacNeil perform live once -- at a women's music festival in Winnipeg around 1982-83 or so. She hadn't been "discovered" yet (although she would be just a couple of years later) so no one was really familiar with her. She came out on stage wearing stretchy pants and a cotton blouse, looking like she just popped in from the North End -- and then she sang those marvelous songs and just blew away the entire crowd! People stood and cheered for her. She became the darling of the entire weekend festival.

    1. Debra, you would have so loved to have met her at her Tea House. Rita was very 'at home' and relaxed there. She had no need to fret and be nervous. I hope the 'house' is kept open.
      Nice that you saw her back in the day. I can understand that she would have the crowd in the palm of her hands....she had that quiet power.

  4. I had no previous knowledge of her and now I feel like I missed something wonderful. Thanks for introducing her to me and may she rest in peace.

    1. Now you do Joanne and I am happy you appreciate her music and talent. It may sound corny but it is like losing a vital member of the community here. In her own way she helped keep it all together, if you know what I mean.


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