Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Knock Knock.....

Ron, Sophie and I were invited to my brother Dennis' house
on Easter Sunday in Halifax.

We arrived by 3 P.M. and Dennis came to the door all smiles!

He must have seen the camera! 
Dennis is two years younger than I am
and teaches law and political science in high school.

In fact we taught at the same high school before I retired. He has a very
good reputation and the students really like his classes.

He has guest speakers in his law class ranging from lawyers, judges
and convicted criminals who have served their time.

Dennis really likes teaching and he also likes to cook, which is partly why
we were there!!

Dennis' son Jacob, on the right, and his friend James were also there. 
They were on Easter break from Acadia University in Wolfville,
Nova Scotia....Ron's hometown and Alma Mater.

James is from Bermuda and said that he has been freezing here 
since he arrived in September!
He heads home in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Dennis is busy in the kitchen as Ron supervises.

And Sophie enjoys the company of the guys.

Den is always adventurous in the kitchen...as was our mother.

Ron and he appear to be discussing something of importance!

As James and Jacob wait patiently to be fed.

It was very 'spring-like' on Sunday as can be seen from the sun-filled windows.

This was my contribution to the 'cause'.....a walnut/apple/feta salad.

Dennis made a broccoli dish....

a chicken with blueberry dish.....and to surprise Jacob grilled lamb chops
which Dennis pulled out at the last minute! Jacob was happy as lamb is his favourite.

with veggies, and lentil soup to start.

In the background Diana Kroll could be heard and seen.....

 As we all began to sit down for a very delicious meal, I couldn't be more thankful to be
spending time with my brother and his son.

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