Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Can't Believe I Did This

The things we do....
For years I was an avid collector of 'Depression Glass'.
I had TONS of it everywhere around our house....on ledges,
glass shelves, in the get the picture.

 Just so happened that a staff-writer for the city newspaper lived in our community.
And she got wind of this collection I had through a mutual friend.

She called and set up a meeting at our house. We sat a talked for over an hour 
as she scribbled down her notes.

The next day a photographer from the newspaper was there.
He said to hold up a I did!
And in a few days this big article was in the paper.
I GULPED when I saw the photo!

I still have most of this collection but no longer around the house.
It is safe, sound and stored in the basement.......
waiting to be taken to the 'shop'.

Hey, I guess I was just young and stupid!!

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