Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Jacob Cuvelier.
He is my brother Dennis' son.

Jacob is 20 years old and attends my Alma Mater....Acadia University
which is in Wolfville, Nova Scotia
and which happens to be Ron's hometown.

Jacob has been recording 'rap' for a few years now
and has been (last night too actually) opening for 
 visiting musicians in the city.

He really enjoys making music.
This selection, Mr.Sandman,  is the only one 
I feel comfortable playing here and my personal favourite.
I would say it is G-rated.

If you want to hear more, be forewarned.
His other pieces may be offensive to some people.


  1. I'm praying that I can hear this song 'cause I love it and coming from such a young man, would be wonderful as for other songs, my song has been playing the guitar forever and singing, I can't even tell those songs he sang because he has a nice voice,mind you but the lyrics, oh gosh, at one point, I was so offended ( and i regret to this day, I broke his CD) I know I shouldn't have, just phases...but it was horrible,now nothing shocks that's why I hope that this time, my macro whatever will work lol

  2. and i've tried everything imaginable to get the sound on, and it doesn't work not even on utube, it used to, arrrrgh leave the post on 'cause when my son the Internet Specialist and Web Designer comes over I'll ask him to fix it....ARRRGH

  3. Nice, only took me 7 hours I really wanted to hear it plus get my u[tube back

  4. Rap's been around way too long. MHO. :)

    1. I appreciate your honesty, Pat! Most of it, Rap that is, I can't tolerate or understand.

  5. Honestly i kinda like it and I don't like rap at all...i am prejudiced because he's your nephew, I'm asking a lot of questions this morning....have a great day ;)

  6. I just listened to some of his other stuff. Pretty Boy Cuv is da bomb. So, this is what comes out of Nova Scotia. Who knew!?!

  7. His version of Mr. Sandman is quite catchy.



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