Friday, August 15, 2014

The Waning Summer

Sophie and I went for a long walk at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax yesterday.

She had her swim at the little beach on the Northwest Arm.

I noticed that this very large wooden beam of some kind had washed ashore.
It is amazing what is floating around our oceans these days.

As we were heading back to the car I noticed the haze and mist
 around this island and lighthouse in mouth of Halifax Harbour.

Summer is nearing it's final days here Nova Scotia.
The 'fallish' feeling is in the air.


  1. It is feeling very autumnal here in England too. Thunder storms and torrential rain yesterday, and chilly and drizzly this morning. It will make a change to be able to wear some different/warmer clothes!

  2. I like the 'old' treatment on the island. Yeah, think it is going to wind down a little early this year.

  3. So glad I get to, vicariously, share your walks.

  4. Love the various textures in that first photo. It's been unseasonably cool here too. We have a bountiful crop of tomatoes that do not ripen.

  5. Yep - fall is on the way. Your framing gives the lighthouse a special mystique.

  6. No! Summer can't end! Nooooo!

  7. Lovely shots. Summer is just too short!

  8. We still have a few months until our "fall" arrives, but we are already in the mood for cooler temperatures!
    The Casablanca hosted its last "summer party" for the season (with a small gathering planned for labor day as usual.)
    But its right about now we will start turning our focus to the "Halloween Costume Ball" and start prepping for that. Haha it's never over!


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