Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting One's Bearings

The other evening Ron, Sophie and I went to Horseshoe Island Park
which is on the western side of peninsular Halifax.

This Park is on the shores of the Northwest Arm
which is a body of ocean water that creates a bay-like inlet.

The tower on the right is called the 'Dingle Tower' which is accessible
and has great views of the city and surrounding areas.

The wooded area in the centre-left is Point Pleasant Park
which is our favourite 'dog park'. It is at the southern most
point on peninsular Halifax.

So you see, students, lol, part of Halifax, the peninsular part,
is almost completely surrounded by water........
with the Northwest Arm on one side
and Halifax Harbour on the other side.,
and the best dog park situated exactly between these two bodies of water.

Your 'test' will be in two hard!!

Rowers from a nearby rowing club on the 'Arm' at dusk.

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