Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A 'potpourri' kind of week......

Had a great day yesterday with Gaye, our blogger/FB friend, touring the city
before she sets out for a tour of the province today.
Gaye hails from northern New York State.

'Hello, all you Earthlings.....'

Found this old 'Dinky' in a box in the basement.....Ron's childhood toy.

Sophie looking very trim in her new haircut.

Approaching sunset on MacDonald Hill.

My favourite shot of the week and it was SOOC (straight out of camera).

Frog exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax.

'I am staying right here! Maybe they won't see me.'

View from shop window on Monday.

Their favourite spot on the hill.


Two's company.....

....three's a crowd.

Ron, it's behind you!

Ready for 'take-off'!

Catching the wave.....

Spectacular Super Moon last weekend.

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