Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Sights of summer along Nova Scotia's coast......

Sophie is back to herself again after a couple of very uncomfortable months.

Grass and wild flowers on MacDonald Hill in Lawrencetown.

A spectacular sky to frame Ron and Sophie.

A 'beach rose'.

Remnants of a pier in the Northwest Arm, Halifax.

Watching the sun set.

A foggy morning in the dunes at the beach.

Wild flowers at the park in Halifax.

Summer is afoot!

'I come in peace'.

A frog in the pond at the park.

A man with his toy on MacDonald Hill.
Could that plane fly!

Looking towards West Lawrencetown in the evening.

Different shades of dune grasses at the beach.

Got this 1930's 'cargo suitcase/mini-trunk' while thrifting this week.
Amy, my colleague at the shoppe snapped it up with a flash!
She plans to use it for her $2 trunk filled with really good deals
of vintage clothing and shoes. All proceeds go to an animal charity.


This is Barb on the left and Louise on the right. They are sisters.
Louise, from 'Standing Into Danger' fame on blogger,
went to school with Ron back in grade 8!
After 50 years they met again at our place on the weekend.
Great to meet them both!

Ron photographing a 'shore plant' which apparently grows out of rocks!

This fellow never did 'take off' while we were on the hill one evening this week.
He must have been waiting for the proper lift-off winds.

Probably Halifax's oldest and most famous diner....The Bedford.

Guests, Barb and Louise, getting the tour down at the beach.

Until next Saturday....see you later.....I'm outta here!

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