Monday, August 4, 2014

Contemplative Monday

I can really relate to this 'lesson' today.
Had I only known when growing up I could use it as a training ground......

The following quote is from 'Heart Advice, Weekly Quotes from Pema Chodron'. (click)


"Bodhichitta (an awakened mind) exists on two levels.
 First there is unconditional bodhichitta, an immediate experience that is 
refreshingly free of concept, opinion, and our usual all-caught-upness.

It's something hugely good that we are not able to pin down even slightly,
like knowing at gut level that there's nothing to lose.

Second there is relative bodhichitta, our ability to keep our hearts and minds
open to suffering without shutting down.

Those who train wholeheartedly in awakening unconditional and relative bodhichitta
are called bodhisattvas or warriors....not warriors who kill and harm 
but warriors of nonaggression who hear the cries of the world.

These are men and women who are willing to train in the middle of the fire.
Training in the middle of the fire can mean that warrior-bodhisattvas
enter challenging situations in order to alleviate suffering.

It also refers to their willingness to cut through personal reactivity and self-deception,
to their dedication to uncovering the basic undistorted energy of bodhichitta.

We have many examples of  master warriors-----
people like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King----
who recognized that the greatest harm comes from our own aggressive minds.
They devoted their lives to helping others understand this truth.

There are also many ordinary people who spend their lives
 training in opening their hearts and minds in order to help others do the same.
Like them, we could learn to relate to ourselves and our world as warriors.
We could train in awakening our courage and love."


  1. I love the macro-level focus of this post. We are all part of the collective, even though we so often fail to see it...

    1. Very true, Keith. The photo image is pretty close to how it actually looked. I did some 'cropping' to bring the boat closer.

  2. Absolutely, although it does not mean bowing down to those who take everything, such as Google who have all my photos on their albums all my photos on my blogs well there's no space anymore, if you don't share it disappears, see I have no problem with sharing but google insist on you sharing your post to their massive undertaking not realizing that for people like me who takes photos, adds it to Picasa, copy it to my Blog and copy to google, for if you do not they take have your photos on your blog so you share, so i have my photos all of them on three different places, and eventually my laptop will explode like the others have, so i decided to destroy my blog, delete all the photos i had to copy to google, so now I've decide to purchase my own domain, no more GOOGLE, not expensive but at least I get to post something, and I can visit my friends and no giving in to the pressure of google...they don't have a right to destroy blogs because they won't share their posts, well some bloggers post things that shouldn't be for all to view. So I've acted the only way i know how .Destroyed my blog, GOOGLE's copies of my photos and in a few days hopefully I'll be starting something new, we may be all part of the collective but that 's exactly what Google was aiming for once blogger was lovely and simple, and all they said was that with google their photos would be enhanced ..hey I changed immediately. those that didn't they're the lucky ones none of their post or blog appear on Google....So sometimes you have to hurt, so you don't play into their game...does that make me a fool or a warrior?

  3. That poor boat is about to slide off this flat earth, lol.

  4. Lovely sailboat image and interesting words to think about.

  5. You give me my Monday fix.


    1. Now Janie, don't you 'be gitten' addicted now! lol

  6. Such inspiring words and lovely pictures!

    1. Very inspirational, Fiona, and realizing we all can do this is gratifying.


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