Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Good To Be Back.......

I started blogging on Ron's recommendation a year after I had my concussion.
He thought that it would help with a number of things especially
giving me something on which to focus, other than my injury.

I must say that blogging has helped me in a lot of being meeting total strangers
and getting 'to know' them and their predicaments and life struggles.

Since our lives had changed so drastically after my accident, Ron had to leave his work
and look after me for a year till I got 'my bearings', and of course I couldn't work, 
 we have had to adjust to a sudden change in our lives.

I realize this happens every day to a lot of people 
and they learn to deal with it as best they can.
This was all so new to us. We had both been working for 
so long and were 'into our routine".

It took a couple of years for me to have any type of meaningful 
and positive perspective again. But I feel we did it, and are getting there
 because we were there for each other,
every step of the way.

The past couple of weeks we have been busy
 with a creative venture that requires some 
thought and focus outside of ourselves.

We haven't put this amount of mental energy, and some physical, 
into anything for what seems to be a very long time. 
We could not have done this a year ago.
It has been so good for both of us.

As I had asked Ron yesterday, " Do you understand when I say I feel like we are 'back'?"

"Oh yes", he said.

And it is.

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